Born in Hungary, Alexandra Kinga Fekete transitioned from corporate law to photography after completing her studies in Budapest. Later, she pursued her passion at the Arts University Bournemouth in the UK, launching her photography career in London.  Currently residing in Berlin and works under the name  AKF812,  offering a unique perspective on the challenges of our contemporary world using  digital, mixed media, and generative/AI art,

Digital/AI Art Exhibition:

Blitz Gallery, Budapest, 2023

Photography Exhibitions:

World Young Photographers, Ljubjana, 1997 

Creative Review Award, London, 2000

American Fashion Award, New York, 2000

John Kobal Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery London, 2001

MEO Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest, solo show, 2002

Centro per l`Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato: Decoupages, Three European Photographers, 2003

Kogart Gallery, Budapest 2005

Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest. 2007

Institut Hongroise de Paris, fromELLEs in collaboration with Paris Photo 2011

Die Stadtische Galerie Ludenscheld 2011

Pavlov`s Dog 2013

Pavlov`s Dog, Pin Up,  2015

Frauen Museum Wiesbaden 2021


Epica Award, silver 2017

Editorial Publications:

Vanity Fair,  GQ Germany, GQ Spain, GQ Brazil, GQ Russia,  German Vogue, German Business Vogue, Dazed and Confused, British Esquire, The World of Interior, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times Magazine, Italian Amica, The Telegraph Magazine,  SZ Magazin, Die Zeit Magazin, The Observer Magazine, Variety Magazine, Rolling Stone, Icon, TANK, SCHÖN! etc.